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The mission of Instructional Services is to provide a viable and guaranteed curriculum in every core subject for all students. Curricula are adopted as a result of a rigorous curriculum review process over a one-year period. Materials are used to support instruction based on state standards and District 62 adopted curricula. The Instructional Services Department also seeks to improve instruction through relevant professional development activities focused on improving student learning.


School District 62 uses both formative and summative assessments to monitor students' academic achievement and growth. Summative common assessments include IAR and ACCESS tests, required by the Illinois State Board of Education.

District 62 also administers the NWEA MAP test three times a year to monitor students' progress in core academic areas. Assessment data is used to inform decisions about instruction, curriculum and program implementation.


School District 62 is committed to providing a high quality English Learners (ELs) program that values a student's native language and culture. Only sound acquisition of linguistic, academic, and social skills ensures your child's equal participation in our diverse society.


The Parent Advisory Council: The Illinois School Code for Transitional Bilingual Programs mandates the establishment of a parent advisory committee to afford parents the opportunity effectively to express their views and to ensure that such programs are planned, operated, and evaluated with the involvement of, and in consultation with, parents of children served by the programs.



Students are placed based on home language survey and language screener results. If in grades K-3, and dominant in Spanish, student is given BILINGUAL support where instruction is provided in SPANISH with an ESL component. This program is available:

  • In Spanish as a self-contained classroom at Ochard Place, North and Plainfield
  • In Spanish and/or Polish as Bilingual Resource at all D62 schools.

Sheltered and Newcomers

Students in EL programs from different language backgrounds are placed in classes where English is the medium of instruction. The content of instruction is adapted to support your child's language proficiency.


Students in EL programs performing academically within the acceptable range are placed in a general education classroom among proficient English-speaking peers. EL services are provided by EL endorsed certified staff



District 62 offers AM and PM half-day kindergarten in all nine of its elementary schools. For more information about registration and Kindergarten programming, please see 2022-2023 Handbook.

Manual para Kinder en español – página 12 / Podręcznik dla Klasy Zerowej po polsku – strona 23


Gifted Education

A gifted child is one who demonstrates potential for high levels of achievement by having an advanced level of cognitive ability as compared to others of his/her age. Gifted programming in District 62 consists of 90 minutes of pull-out instruction each week; this 90 minutes may consist of 2 45-minute classes or 3 30-minute classes.

The gifted curriculum has a literacy foundation with a focus on science, technology, and social studies where classroom instruction supports literacy, math, and social-emotional needs of your child.

Spanish as a World Language

Students are chosen for the 7th and 8th Grade Spanish program at the end of 6th grade based on the following requirements:

  • Reading MAP scores for Winter and Spring -- Meet or Exceed their grade level standards
  • Overall 6th grade academic performance including cumulative GPA (at least 3.0)
  • Meeting and Exceeding Standards in Language Arts-Writing
  • Meeting and Exceeding Standards in Reading for Literature and Reading for Informational Text
  • Teacher recommendations

Multi-Tiered Support

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) bring together Response to Intervention and Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems to provide early intervention in the areas of Social/Emotional/Behavioral and Academic Learning.

Among its essential components are high-quality education for all students, universal screening for early identification, and frequent progress monitoring to determine how well students are responding to targeted interventions.



Overview of Opportunities:

  • You62 (University 62) courses are offered to improve instruction and promote lifelong learning. Learn more about You62.
  • New teachers participate in an induction and mentoring program that follows the Charlotte Danielson Framework.
  • Staff Development workshops for district-wide initiatives are presented during designated Institute Days and PLC Mondays.
  • Staff development activities are developed at each school to address instructional priorities at the local school level.
  • Teachers participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) on a regular basis during common planning time to share ideas and collaboratively plan instruction.


School District 62 utilizes over 3 million dollars in Federal and State aid grants to implement various educational programs for students each school year. Aid amounts listed below are an estimate based on grant allocation at the time of the original application. Amendments are submitted if the program or the allocations change. The Instructional Services team reviews and discusses the utilization of state and federal funds with key staff, including principals, teachers, and parents for various grant applications at critical intervals.


Laura J. Sangroula, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services

Elizabeth Juskiewicz
Director for Second Language Programs


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